The Spiritual Business Network

In the Spiritual Business Network, you get the tools and inspiration to unite spirituality and business.

The network aims to inspire you to lead a profitable and balanced spiritual career life while creating strong relationships and results in both your personal and professional life.

Through presentations by guest instructors, teachings by Rikke, as well as exercises in smaller networking groups, you will be presented with many different and new aspects within hardcore business and new spirituality knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to present yourself and your business to the other participants in smaller groups, and to share your spiritual approach to life to the extent that feels comfortable for you.

The Spiritual Business Network is an energetic space which will provide you with inspiration, a sense of community, new knowledge and useful tools to improve your results.

The network is for anyone who wants to meet other resourceful, open and ambitious career minded souls who share an interest and desire to grow as a human being and to make a difference.

Rikke is only teaching in Danish.