True transformation can make measurable and
far-reaching results, both right now and well into the future.

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We help companies get ready
to the future and the people of the future

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We release potentials.
In this way, we contribute to a better future

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"My vision is to bring spirituality into the business world and make it a recognized, applied and respected tool to achieve both professional and personal goals."

Rikke works with companies that want to evolve and grow, as well as with people who want to develop both personally and in relation to the next step on their career path.

For over 20 years, she has worked professionally with organizational development, business consulting, business sales and acquisitions, as well as counselling people who want to change directions. Through this, she has built up a large network in many industries and is now the owner of several companies.

For Rikke, spirituality is very much about the way she meets other people and lives her life - both privately and professionally. She has no standard procedure when working with her clients. She uses the methods that work best.

Rikke is a coach and mentor - and she is a clairvoyant, healer and medium. She uses both her rational brain, her intuition and her spiritual abilities. The combination of all these elements makes her dare to see things from a different angle.

 Our mission is to help you reach your ultimate goals and give you the opportunity to achieve better quality of work life, personal life, satisfaction and happiness.

Rikke Hertz