Rikke Glad

The Spiritual Leadership Program at Rikke Hertz has made me believe more in myself. Both in my personal and professional life. I have become more aware of the limiting patterns holding me back, and I have learned to change them. I have become more aware of my energy and how to use it actively in my relationships with other people. And very significantly for me, I have learned to meditate. An incredibly valuable tool in my everyday life, which gives me the necessary peace and "foundation" that I need.

I have expanded my network with the most wonderful people that I shared this journey with. Rikke Hertz manages to create a confidential atmosphere from day one, so that as a student you feel safe and quickly entrust the group with the challenges you face - be it personal or professional.

There is no "magic" in Rikke's methods, but it can still be difficult to describe to others what you learn in this course. I can only say that after my course with Rikke Hertz, I have flourished as a human being, and I have gained new skills and much greater success professionally.

Maria Oldenbjerg

When I started the spiritual leadership program with Rikke, I was aware that I had a lot of energy. But I wanted to make sure that I used my energy optimally, so that I could become a better version of myself, achieve my goals and hopefully be better equipped to make a difference for others - both privately and at work.

The team was incredibly well composed with exciting and enriching personalities, whom I am extremely grateful to have met and who I keep in close contact with. Throughout the course, my boundaries were challenged and expanded. Rikke's inspiring way of communicating and involving us throughout the course was fantastic. She managed to meet all of us exactly "where we were" and take each of our individual needs into consideration, so that we all evolved in our own way. I had not imagined that I would end the course with such a packed backpack of valuable tools that I now use daily.

I have clearly become much more aware of how to use myself and prioritize how to use my energy. Harmony and balance have taken on a new meaning in my life and I have learned to listen to my own intuition and use it. The course has given me more peace of mind, better focus, more presence, and it has undoubtedly also made me a better manager.

Julie Secher Kau

I started the Spiritual Leadership Program and did not actually know what to expect. I was excited and also a little hesitant, but I have to say that it was a positive surprise; it is not magic, it is about connecting to your own core, finding your way, your strength and fulfilling your potential.

Rikke Hertz is an incredibly dedicated and exciting teacher who manages to create an easy and clear path. It is wellness for the brain, and besides, I have met some great people on my team, so it is also about networking, which Rikke does not hide either. Let us help each other achieve our goals; those words are very useful in the real world.

In addition, it has been amazingly exciting to do all the meditations, exercises and have the conversations we had in the group.

I can only recommend The Spiritual Leadership Program.



The Spiritual Leadership Program inspired me to change my life completely. A roller coaster ride with ups and downs began, and I changed everything in my life. I learned to use nature, I learned to meditate, to find peace, to be grateful for all the good that surrounds me, to stay focused, to feel and sense what is right for me. I have gained a new sense of freedom. In gratitude - Rikke - thank you - for this exciting journey that just doesn't end ....

Beinta Unni Marr

I have always had an inner drive and plenty of energy, and with my positive attitude, I thought I was taking full advantage of my potential, because I have always been able to reach my goals. But my desire for continued development and improvement of my skills made me be attracted to Rikke, who accompanied me on “the journey of my life.” A decision that became crucial for a change in my life that has taken on a dimension I did not even know existed.

I have developed a better feeling for the "now" and can immediately sense into a situation. I have become more effective in everything I do; an incredible statement from someone who is known for being highly effective. My philosophy of life has always been 'you can do what you want', and that has become a much more integral part of me.

With Rikke as a teacher, I have been raised to a higher level of insight. I am a happier and more effective version of myself. Despite enjoying my work, I have found a better balance between my professional and private life, without sacrificing anything. As a bonus, I have had the privilege of meeting amazing people, related souls, dear friends, who will continue to be a part of my life forever.


"Rikke picked me up after a horrible and humiliating exit from a company. Together we went through the process and the opportunities, prepared an action plan which gave me a renewed belief in my work life. After 2 months, I landed my best job ever. I decided to continue the training to ensure that I stayed optimistic and productive in my new job. The program gave me tools to handle situations and conflicts at work which resulted in higher job satisfaction and efficiency.


Dear Rikke

I am filled with love and gratitude for the intense, powerful and liberating course.

The Spiritual Leadership Program has given me a strong boost, and my positive outlook on life is back with a feeling of being able to tap into my own resources and intuition.

When I started working with you, I was in a place where my head had taken over and the connection to my body was cut off. I could not feel myself. Everything turned into overthinking and worrying about nothing.

You brought me back. Slowly, over the course of the program, I could feel myself more and more. Our body, heart and ‘gut’ are so smart and know what is right much faster and with more certainty. I am so glad to have the tools you gave me. They work so wonderfully. I can no longer imagine a life without meditation, energy work and connection with my guides.

Thanks and thanks again, lovely Rikke!

I will cherish your training, keep practicing and improving and look forward to integrating all this into my work life as well.


Thanks also for my wonderful team and the composition of the group.


Next week, our group will meet for the first time since graduating. Maybe we will raise the vibration, so you can feel it in Holte, who knows 🙂