Application for Rikke Hertz Fond

The Rikke Hertz Foundation

The foundation aims to promote growth and development through spiritual awareness and concrete competencies.

It aims to help people in need of support and development those who cannot afford to invest in Rikke’s courses: Spiritual Development Journey, Spiritual Leadership Course or Spiritual Youth Course at Rikke Hertz Counseling.

The foundation is independent and without any religious conviction, with an independent mission and Board of Directors. The money comes primarily from the sales of tickets to various events, donations from both Rikke Hertz privately, Rikke Hertz Counseling, other contributors, and from the sales of Chinese tea, kimonos and books. Grants are awarded for participation in the Spiritual Development Journey Bornholm, the Spiritual Leadership Course or the Spiritual Youth Course.

The application must contain information regarding: What you are looking for, why you are looking for it and how you plan on contributing to developing, helping and supporting others on their spiritual path with the methods, knowledge and insights gained inside the courses at Rikke Hertz Counseling.