Maria Cornelia Pedersen

I have learned a lot about myself and developed surprisingly fast through Emihlie and Rikke's Spiritual Youth Program. When I signed up for this training program, I decided that it was time for some personal changes. Because I am also young and need to develop as a human being and already now be at the forefront / prevent all the things that happen to me as I grow older.

Emihlie and Rikke have taught me about mindset, different mindset models, meditation, self-love, goals in life, the law of attraction, gratitude, etc. It has opened my eyes to some areas that I had not even thought of as important to us as humans. These are tools I can use in my daily life, at work, in the studio, towards my partner, in relationships, with the family and just for myself. The practice of taking spiritual leadership of my own life has meant everything to me!

In addition, I have also met some amazing people during the course! We are all different and have signed up for this training for various reasons. But one thing is certain, and that is, we are all there to grow, and I have experienced a deeper relationship with this group than I have with many of my friends and girlfriends. It is a space where all emotions, thoughts and humorous elements are always allowed. It creates the most beautiful energy, and every time I leave a session, I am very high on energy, and I feel that I can go out into the world with POWER and POSITIVITY!

I am deeply grateful to have met Emihlie and Rikke.

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me!! <3 <3

Huge hugs and love from here

Ida Marie Kofoed

I feel a huge difference after attending this course. At first, I had a hard time seeing my own growth because I had to stop and reflect on the tools I was given. Now I can see how happy I have become from doing the training. I am simply so grateful and touched by everything I took with me from the course. I actually did not want to stop at all. In the training program you really learn a lot about finding your inner joy and flourishing from the inside. Going to The Spiritual Youth Program is one of the best decisions I have made. Sharing vulnerable things with one another, finding joy in small things and believing in your own strengths have also been part of what I have learned. At the same time, I also gained better self-esteem and realized how important it is to set goals. There is a lot of heart, depth and presence in the course that we lack in our everyday lives. Therefore, I would clearly recommend the program, because you owe this experience to yourself. Thank you for your course and thank you for you.

Nicole Jones

For those of you who have doubts about investing in The Spiritual Youth Program. The short answer is GO AHEAD!

With an inner desire to stand strong in my own light, I started The Spiritual Youth Program. Never had I imagined that I would undergo such transformation in just eight months. I can feel it very much within myself, and my surroundings have also commented on it several times.

Before I started The Spiritual Youth Program, I was filled with fear and insecurity after a life with a lot of illness. I unwillingly spent a lot of my energy on all the bad and the negative things. I could not figure out how to be happy and strong again.

From the first moment I joined Rikke and Emihlie, I felt like I was part of a family. In the sense that I felt supported, helped, and to a large extent safe in their presence, because everything they do is done with love.

I was nervous about being vulnerable in a group, but already at the first session we were strongly connected, and I am sure I can find support and understanding from the people in the group for the rest of my life.

Rikke and Emihlie have helped me out of a long illness, and over to the other side where I am filled with love for the knowledge, I have with me. I now have a lot of tools that can help me in any situation. I have returned ‘home’, and I now have so many possibilities to develop even more. I stand strong in myself now, and I know I can do anything I want. I spend my energy on what I want to spend energy on. I am happy and delighted and so grateful for my life.

What I loved about the training with Rikke and Emihlie is that they make everything available. I have all the tools they thought were useful to me and then the development is up to myself. It is my life, and I have taken ownership. It has been so important to me and for my future journey because I know that now I am able to do it myself!

The Spiritual Youth Program has been an important investment in myself and my future. I have learned to implement healthy habits in my life with ease and confidence because I have been followed and supported throughout the course. I dare to be myself, and I now know who I am.

I am eternally grateful for The Spiritual Youth Program. With Emihlie and Rikke at the forefront, development has been easy and a fantastic experience.

With gratitude and love.

Amalie Runge

I am so filled with gratitude and love for the warmth I felt at The Spiritual Youth Program. Rikke and Emihlie are two extremely talented and heartwarming people who have been so inspiring to learn from.

When I started, I was at a place where I felt happy and content. Of course, there were things that I wanted to be a little different, but overall, I was satisfied.

Quickly, I learned that I can get exactly the life that I want when I learn the tools and understand how to use them.

I learned them and have certainly found that my life was far from what I wanted.

Today I have a job I could only dream of, a car I have always wanted and most importantly the tools to use my energy correctlyt.

This training program has been the biggest eye-opener for me, and I can only send my warmest recommendations in their direction.