Keynote by Rikke Hertz

It is possible to book Rikke for a personal and life-affirming keynote speech that inspires both managers and employees to create new and positive results.

Rikke is known for her ability to speak from the heart, involve the participants in an empathetic and direct way, and share her experiences. You will be presented with specific tools that you can easily take with you and incorporate into your life.

The keynote speech will inspire your company to apply spiritual tools in your everyday life in order to raise your energy levels, take better care of each other and create balance at the workplace as well as in your private life.

You will be left with a clear understanding of what energy is and how to use it to create meaningful and positive change.

During her talk, Rikke will cover her life and her path to where she is today. A path filled with both risks and personal struggles, but it shows how far you can go with faith in yourself and in something greater than yourself.

Finally, it is possible to arrange a demonstration of a clairvoyant reading with a manager or employee who wants to get clarity around their potential and challenges.

Rikke is a spiritual counsellor, coach and teacher - and she is a clairvoyant, healer and medium.

She uses both her rational brain, her intuition and her spiritual connection when she works.

For that reason, she is known for differing from other counsellors and for daring to see things from a different perspective.

If you are interested in booking Rikke for a keynote speech, we look forward to hearing from you at