About Rikke Hertz

My life story unfolds, when I, only a year and half old is found next to a garbage can on the streets of South Korea. Shortly afterwards I was adopted to Denmark. Through many years, I have fought with my self-esteem, my confidence with my body, love and relationships, work and presence, and long struggle to find my true path, a career spiritual adviser.

My vision is to bring the spiritual universe into mainstream business and make it recognized, applied and respected, as a means for companies to achieve results and personal goals.

I work with companies, who wish to evolve and grow, along with people, who want to evolve on a personal level and career-wise.

For more than 20 years, I have worked professionally with sparring with people, who wants to shift paths, organization development, business counseling and both buying and selling companies. Through those 20 years, I have built an incredible network of people, within multiple lines of work, and today I am an owner of several companies and businesses.

I am a coach and a mentor; furthermore I am psychic, healer and medium. I use my rational thinking, my intuition and my spiritual gifts, when I work. The combination of these allows me to see things from a different perspective, and work accordingly.

My mission is to help you achieve your highest goal and to give you the opportunity for a better job, enhanced life quality, satisfaction and happiness.

For me, spirituality is a belief that is both powerful and ethically balanced. Spirituality is indeed about the way I meet people, and live my own life, both privately and business-wise.

I hope, I can inspire you to bring more spirituality into your life, and to support you in your own personal development.